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This half term's work will cover

This half term's work will cover 1

Dealing with being stuck and overcoming challenges is going to be a running theme throughout this half-term and children will be presented with a series of problem solving scenarios throughout the term to place them in situations when they will face the metaphorical 'wall'.



The Winter Olympics will provide the platform for us to research the history of the games and to learn more about Soutrh Korea, this years hosts. We will compare and contrast previous host nations and discuss the challenges facing some of these countries, both physical and human.  



This term, Class 3 will focus on securing efficient strategies for the four operations and demonstrating a greater depth of knowledge through problem solving and reasoning tasks. The children will continue to look at fractions, consider negative numbers and develop understanding around ratio and percentages.



The Winter Olympics provides us with a good opportunity to look at non-fiction writing;l children will use topic based knowledge to create an information text about the games. We will also look at the viability of hosting the games here and use persuasive language to write a 'bid' for a county/country to host the games - there will then be an opportunity to film this bid using the green screen in school.   



Children will look at materials and inheritance in Science. There will be an opportunity to use their new skills to design some Olympic equipment applying what the know about the properties of various materials.


Please continue to support your children by encouraging regular use of and MathsWhizz. Little and often will help to support the in class learning. Please ensure the children have their PE kit in school from Monday morning, scheduled sessions will take place on Tuesday and Friday, with Friday being a swimming session at Dragon Leisure Centre.

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