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This half term's work will cover

Our focus throughout the new term will be to encourage the class to build learning powers of collaboration, planning, perseverance, reasoning and questioning. These skills will build confidence as the children are being challenged in their learning. We are promoting the idea of a 'hive mind' in Class 3 - each child an individual with unique talents and personalities, but working together they are stronger as they care for one another in the class community.



Always Winter and Never Christmas. We will be using the Chronicles of Narnia (The Lion, the Witch and The Wardrobe) as a springboard to discovering all about the Polar regions on our planet.  In geography, we will look at the environments, the climate and the wide variety of life forms of the polar regions as well as considering our impact upon them as human beings.

In history we will be learning about Ernest Shackleton and his expedition to Antarctica in the early twentieth century. 

In addition the class will be learning how to sew using blanket stitch and to create an applique design, which they will then use to design and make their own Christmas stockings. 



This term, Class 3 will focus on the four operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We will also be covering decimals, fraction and percentages as well as statistics including line graphs and timetables.  In line with developing mastery of the subject, the children will be securing knowledge through tackling reasoning and problem solving and tasks and learning to effectively explain their answers to problems using mathematical terminology.



We will be reading, "The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe," by CS Lewis as our class text  to explore the fantasy writing genre. The children will be learning to write exciting descriptions of settings and characters as they create their story. In addition the children will be learning about the conventions of play scripts and rewriting a scene from the book using the conventions. We will be writing poetry looking at figurative language including pathetic fallacy and personification. Finally, the children will write an explanation of how to survive a polar expedition based on our work studying Ernest Shackleton. We will be having a focus on spelling, grammar and punctuation and will be working hard on guided reading to support comprehension skills with the children's reading.



We will be exploring Habitats and Living things in Science for this half term, focusing on the polar regions. We will be examining the living things of the polar regions in detail; considering their different life cycles and how they adapt to their environment.


Please continue to support your children by encouraging regular use of and MathsWhizz at home as part of their homework. Regular use will embed skill and support the children to develop their learning and their work in class. 


There will be topic homework grid each half term as well as weekly spellings.

I will be giving the children a reading comprehension bookmark which I would encourage you to use with your children to support their comprehension of the books they are reading.



Please ensure the children have their PE kit in school from Monday morning with scheduled PE being on a Tuesday afternoon.

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