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This half term's work will cover

Medium Term planning Britain at War

Long term Planning 2018 - 2020

Class 3 Hive Mind Community

Class 3 Hive Mind Community 1

Starting in a new class at the top end of the school can feel daunting, so the children are being encouraged to build learning powers of collaboration, planning, perseverance, reasoning and questioning. These skills will build confidence as the children are being challenged in their learning. We are promoting the idea of a 'hive mind' in Class 3 - each child an individual with unique talents and personalities, but working together they are stronger as they care for one another in the class community.




Britain at War. We will be exploring the Second World War, discovering about the Allies and the Axis powers. We will be talking about the main people such as Churchill and Hitler as well as key events such as The Battle of Britain, Pearl Harbour, D Day and V.E. Day. Our main focus will be life in Britain, looking at The Blitz, evacuation, rationing, propaganda and the roles people took in Britain. We will briefly discuss the Kinder-transport and the persecution of the Jews but will not be covering the Holocaust in detail.

We will also create art relating to the topic and explore the importance of music during the war.



This term, Class 3 will focus on securing confidence with place value up to ten million, including negative numbers and multiplying decimal numbers by 10, 100, 100, 10,000. We will also be securing effective strategies for addition and subtraction with large numbers. In line with developing mastery of the subject, the children will be securing knowledge through tackling reasoning and problem solving and tasks. 



We will be reading, "Letters from the Lighthouse," by Emma Carroll as our class text  to explore the themes of the Blitz and Evacuation during the war. The children will be learning to write vivid recounts of being in The Blitz and then write a letter home from the point of view of an evacuee. Finally, the children will explore persuasive language in British propaganda posters and have the opportunity to create their own. We will also be learning a range of punctuation and grammar to support and improve writing.



We will be exploring Light in Science. We will explore how light travels and why colours refract when we shine light on bubbles. We will make shadow puppets to examine what happens when light hits a solid object and why it holds its shape. We will also be investigating what materials would have been most effective for a blackout in the Blitz.


Please continue to support your children by encouraging regular use of and MathsWhizz at home as part of their homework. Regular use will embed skill and support the children to develop their learning and their work in class. 

There will be topic homework grid each half term as well as weekly spellings. In addition I have set the children a reading challenge for the whole year, The Hogwarts Reading Challenge, which is to encourage the children to read a range of different books and magazines.

Please ensure the children have their PE kit in school from Monday morning with scheduled PE being on a Tuesday afternoon.

Evacuee Day

Class 3 dressed up and packed a bag ready to be evacuated. They packed clothes, toys and books to take on their journey to stay in the country out of the city. Each of them was given a label to wear and we went to wait for the train to take us out of London. As you can see from the expressions, some of them were quite sad about being evacuated.


Once back in the classroom, we explored rationing and how different the diets would've been in 1941 for wartime children compared to what we would eat in an average week nowadays. 


We also talked about why rationing happened and the impact it would have had on people. We then looked at the size of the rations for an average adult and child, finishing with sampling a WW2 recipe for syrup sponge cake (no eggs - as they were rationed)

The children thoroughly enjoyed dressing up and participating in the activities - stepping into the shoes of an evacuee for the day. Mrs Minniss and Mrs Lobb thoroughly enjoyed it too!

Evacuee Day 1941

Evacuee Day 1941 1
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