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Class 3

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Being aspirational and having a growth mind-set will be the theme for this half-term topic. The children will discuss their dreams and also plan a way to achieve them, discussing what skills and learning behaviours will be important to support with being successful in achieving their dreams.



We will use the idea of sport to support with the theme of aiming high and in particular the life of Muhammad Ali.



This term, Class 3 will focus on securing efficient strategies for the four operations and demonstrating a greater depth of knowledge through problem solving and reasoning tasks. The children will look at fractions and averages as well as percentages and ratio.



Muhammad Ali being an incredible boxer, probably his biggest legacy was overcoming racism and following his dreams, winning Olympic Gold! He famously threw his medal in a river as a political statement, wrote poetry and wrote his name into history. Class 3 will research the late, great Muhammad Ali and write a discussion text about whether he should be remembered as the greatest? Children will also consider some of his more controversial moments and write a persuasive text about whether his decisions were correct.



Changes will be the theme for this terms learning and children will look a little closer at the evolution of species. We will link this to our science work when children will create a species (or look closely at one real species) and prepare a documentary which will be filmed ready to present to others with the support of green-screen technology in ICT.


Please continue to support your children by encouraging regular use of and MathsWhizz. Little and often will help to support the in class learning. Please ensure the children have their PE kit in school from Monday morning, scheduled sessions will take place on Tuesday and Thursday, however, the variable weather could lead to changes in the weekly plan.

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