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Who's Who

Meet the staff at St Tudy School:

Our Head of School is Miss Jennie Franklin.

Senior Staff Member - Shaun Perfect - Shaun is The Saints' Way Academy Hub Lead.
Fiona Corfield - Fiona is our School Improvement Lead.

. Miss Jennie Franklin teaches Class 2 (Year 2,3 & 4) Miss Franklin is our ICT, Science,  and Outdoor Learning Coordinator. 
Mr Ewan Murray teaches Class 3 (Year 5 and 6).  Mr Murray is our Maths coordinator. 
Mrs Daniela Cheetham teaches Class 1 (Reception and Year 1). Mrs Cheetham is our Early Years and RE/CW coordinator.
Our P.E. teacher is Mrs Sam Lentern.  Mrs Lentern comes in to school one afternoon a week to take all classes.
Mrs Claire Chapman is the SENCO Strategic Lead for The Saints' Way Academy
Miss Felicity Henchley is the RE/CW lead for our academy. She visits the school to look at Collective Worship and to lead training for staff and governors

We have lots of other adults who work in the school:
Our secretary is Mrs Toni Kinnaird.
Teaching Assistants include - Mrs Sue Chalmers (SEN TA), Mrs Julie Lobb, Mrs Paula Murray, Mrs Fiona Williams (EYFS) and Mrs Julie Marsh (EYFS). Our teaching assistants also look after the children during the lunch hour and take after school clubs.
Mrs Laura Polkinghorne is a lunch time supervisor.
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