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Class 1

Welcome back to the second part of the Spring Term. 

This topic will allow children to discover how our food grows and where it comes from. We will be looking at plants and their basic needs. We will explore how plant grow, where they grow and what  plants will grow fruits and vegetables. The children will look at common garden plants and flowers as well as trees. They will learn the difference between deciduous and evergreen trees. They will look at how the food and shops have changed over the past 100 years . In music they will listen to music and explore music from the past and listen actively to a range of music to thing about the musical instruments, learn pulse and rhythms and pitch. In art they will explore the artist Guiseppe Arcimboldo and how to create a fruit and vegetable person using different techniques. In DT we will cook and bake with our delicious food.


We are looking forward to an exciting half term. If you have any questions than please come and see us at any time. 

Best wishes

Daniela Cheetham and Penny Luck

The Celtic Cross