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Happy New Year to you all and welcome back to the Spring Term 1!

This topic allows the children to explore castles, kings and queens from the past and present. Children will learn about the different parts of castles as well as exploring different materials. Children will enter the imaginary world of dragons, whilst learning to describe dragons using good adjectives and to create their own dragons. We will learn the history of some of the kings and queens such as Richard III , Elizabeth I and Queen Victoria and look at the timeline and chronological order of some kings and queens. We will look at the structure of castles and learn how life used to be inside a castle. The children will combine their knowledge from History, Science (Material) and English to design their own castle in DT and evaluate their own construction. This topic is filled with exciting learning from the past. 

Miss Bystrom is in her second placement this half term, but she will return to us next spring term. 

If you have any questions, then please do not hesitate to contact us. I am always happy to have a chat to you at the door or via Class Dojo or a phone call. 

I cannot wait to start this spring term and to see you all again. 

Best wishes, 

Mrs Cheetham, Miss Luck, Mrs Marsh and Mrs Chalmers. 

The Celtic Cross