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Class 2



This half term our topic is 

'Celebrating our World'.

We will be answering the questions:


What is life like in a different country?

Are the culture and food different to ours?

What are the Olympics and why do we take part?


Here is a link to some fantastic books which link to our topic:

We will continue to develop our outdoor learning in Class Two with outdoor themed lessons in Literacy and Science.


As aspiring readers and writers, we will:


We will write a travel brochure to promote an interesting country abroad. We will also look back at the London 2012 Olympics and write a newspaper report covering the events of Super Saturday.


The children will explore the traditions and cultures of countries around the world in a range of fiction and non-fiction books.


In R.E we will reflecting on this half term's value of 'Justice' . 

Explore what it is like for someone to follow God. We will make links between the story of Noah and covenant. We will explore how promises we make in our own lives link back to Noah.


In Maths, we will be learning about decimals, measurement, money, time and shape.

We will continue to work on plugging any gaps in the children’s knowledge with interventions outside of the daily maths lesson.

We will also continue to have daily times table practise with our Around the World Challenge.


In Science, we will be learning about: 

Year 3 -   ‘Animals including Humans’ – we will learn about how animals and humans obtain their food and what nutrients they need. We will look at different types of skeletons and identify the main bones in a skeleton. We will also explore how muscles work in the body.

Year 4 – ‘Animals including Humans’ We will learn about the digestive system and how it works. We will explore our teeth and tooth decay and finally we will find out all about food chains.


In Geography we will take a closer look at where countries are located in the world and use terms that geographers use to explain their location. We will use longitude and latitude. We will also explore the Equator, the Hemispheres, the Poles and the Tropics.


In Art, We will be designing and making our own flags based upon the nations competing in the Tokyo Olympics.

We will also explore the art and design of nations around the world and become inspired to create our own creative pieces


 As aspiring athletes, We exploring striking and fielding games. We will focus on rounders and compete in The Great Class 2 Rounders Tournament! We will also continue our daily mile runs and Travel to Tokyo Challenge.


As aspiring programmers, we will develop our knowledge of information technology. We will use technical vocabulary to describe how computing equipment and networks function, including storage, apps and the World Wide Web.


As aspiring musicians, we will listen and appraise music and individual songs. We will learn to sing the songs and eventually improvise it ourselves with accompanying instruments.


In PSHE we will be exploring growing and changing, we will be looking at our bodies and how they change over time. We will also discuss keeping ourselves safe with medicines and first aid.





Our Class Story:

The Celtic Cross