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Class 2



This half term our topic is 

'Rampaging Romans!'.

We will be answering the questions:


What was life like in Roman times?

What impact did the Romans have on Britain?

Can we learn from anything today from an ancient culture?

Here is a link to some fantastic books which link to our topic:

We will continue to develop our outdoor learning in Class Two with outdoor themes lessons in Literacy and Science.


As aspiring readers and writers, we will:


Explore the events of Pompeii and create information texts, report writing on how to build an aqueduct and explore roman myths and stories.


 Children will find out about the events of Pompeii in “Escape from Pompeii”. We will be reading mystery story as our class novel: “The Thieves of Ostia”.


In R.E we will reflecting on this half term's value of 'Peace' . 

we will also be exploring what is the ‘Trinity’ and why it is important for Christians. We will explore these themes in Christianity through study of the Christmas Story.


In Maths, we will exploring the relationship between addition and subtraction before ending the half term on measures and length. We will also look at Roman Numerals.

We will continue to work on plugging any gaps in the children’s knowledge with interventions outside of the daily maths lesson.


In Science, we will be learning about:

Year 3 -  ‘Forces and Magnets’: will learn about forces in the context of pushing and pulling, and will identify different actions as pushes or pulls. The children will work scientifically and collaboratively to investigate friction. They will work in a hands on way to identify magnetic materials.. They will develop their scientific enquiry skills, making observations, predictions and conclusions.

Year 4 -  ‘States of Matter’: We will find out about the differences between solids, liquids and gases, classifying objects and identifying their properties. We will have chance to find the ideal temperature to melt chocolate. We will explore in-depth how water changes state, exploring melting, freezing and condensing.


In History, we will build an overview of the influence the Romans had on Britain. They will use different historical sources to help them understand different aspects of Roman life. They will also learn the key names, dates and places related to life in Roman Britain.


In Art, we will focus on the techniques and skills involved in making a collage. This will include how to select and arrange materials to achieve an effect and will look at methods such as coiling, overlapping, tessellation, mosaic and montage.


 As aspiring athletes, we will developing the fundamental skills needed to become successful athletes.

We will also be taking part in the daily mile challenge.


As aspiring programmers, we will be developing an understanding of computer science. We will be using a variety of different programmes and also presenting data and information.





Our Class Story:

The Celtic Cross