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Class 2



This half term our topic is 


We will be answering the questions:


Where does Chocolate come from?

Can we design and make our own chocolate bars?

What is life like in the Rainforest?

Here is a link to some fantastic books which link to our topic:

We will continue to develop our outdoor learning in Class Two with outdoor themes lessons in Literacy and Science.


As aspiring readers and writers, we will:


We will write instructions for creating our own chocolate bars, we will create advertisements and reviews. We will also write poetry linked to the story of Charlie and the chocolate factory


The children will delve into the story of Charlie and the Chocolate factory and explore the history of chocolate in non fiction books.


In R.E we will reflecting on this half term's value of 'Fellowship' . 

We will discover how and why people in Cornwall mark and celebrate significant events in community life. We will  also look at Cornish festivals and how they are celebrated.


In Maths, we will explore the measure of length and area. We will also be learning about fractions.

We will continue to work on plugging any gaps in the children’s knowledge with interventions outside of the daily maths lesson.

We will also continue to have daily times table practise with our Around the World Challenge.


In Science, we will be learning about: Innovating the future!

Each year, the British Science Association runs a ten-day celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths called British Science Week. People from all over the UK take part in events and activities to develop their skills in these areas.

In 2021, British Science Week will take place from the 5th to the 14th March, running with the theme of ‘Innovating for the Future’.


In Geography, we will explore the journey of the cocoa bean from plant to the chocolate bar. We find out about life in the rainforest. We will also locate where cocoa is produced in the world and research what fair trade means.


In Art, we will be designing and making chocolate bars and their packaging. We will also be creating our own chocolate factory machines with moving parts.


 As aspiring athletes, we will be developing our Dance skills. We will following instruction, develop our listening skills and create our own routines.

We will also be taking part in the daily mile challenge.


As aspiring programmers, we will be developing an understanding of computer science. We will be using a variety of different programmes and also presenting data and information.


As aspiring musicians, we will listen and appraise music and individual songs. We will learn to sing the songs and eventually improvise it ourselves with accompanying instruments.


In PSHE we will be exploring what it means to belong to a community. We will be looking at our own role within our communities and how we can make a difference.





Our Class Story:

The Celtic Cross