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This half term our topic is 

'Curious about Cornwall'.

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Happy New Year! Welcome back and I hope you have had a fun and restful Christmas holiday. 

Our topic this half term is ‘Curious About Cornwall’.


This half term in Literacy we will be exploring Arthurian legends through Marcia Williams’s King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. We will study nouns and pronouns for clarity and cohesion and direct speech. During the week we will be also have a daily guided reading session, handwriting and spelling practice.


In Numeracy we will develop our skills in Multiplication and Division. We will also explore measurement, develop our understanding of Money and learn what Fractions are.


Our Science topic will be Electricity. We will identify common appliances which run on electricity, build circuits out of sweets, identify and set up simple practical enquiries and fair tests. We will also explore conductors and insulators.


 In Geography we will identify and locate areas of interest in the county of Cornwall. We will study The Hurlers, near Minions, and popular seaside towns in the county.


In History we will: Explore what it is to become an archaeologist. We will look at the historical and social importance of The Hurlers. We will also identify important historical figures in Cornish History.


During our RE focus week exploring the Kingdom of God: When Jesus left, what was the impact of Pentecost?


 The children will create their own musical compositions for scenes from ‘The Sword in the Stone.’ In Art and DT lessons the children will be designing and baking their own pasties and creating the sword of Excalibur. They will also be printing Cornish landmarks in the style of Japanese artist Hokusai. 


PE this half term will continue on a Tuesday afternoon where we will be exploring Gymnastics, we will also be having swimming lessons on a Friday.

Class 2 Half Term Plan

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