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What a Wonderful World

Autumn 1 What a Wonder-ful World



We will be using Power Maths to explore all aspects of Place Value, Roman numerals and the four operations. We will be developing fluency with number alongside problem solving and reasoning skills. Regular arithmetic tests will begin later in the term to begin to build confidence and fluency as well as attempting word problems and reasoning challenges to develop mastery skills. 


In Literacy we will be using Little freak, a short film on literacy shed and Wonder by R J Palacio to explore the topics of diversity and acceptance. We will be writing to entertain by creating character and setting descriptions. Using Wonder we will be writing a letter from Auggie, trying to persuade Mr Tuschman to accept him into school. We will also be learning how to build an argument for whether Auggie should have gone to school or not.

We will be using both Wonder  in the guided reading sessions, as well as a range of different texts to explore comprehension skills, including drilling down to exploring what questions are asking in a comprehension exercise, using the VIPERS Skills. We will continue to focus on handwriting, spelling and grammar throughout the term.


Our Class novel  this term is Can You See Me? by Libby Scott and Jennifer Westcott, which deals with acceptance of difference as the main character has autism.



Our topic is What a Wonderful World. We will be exploring countries of the world and their features and location on the planet, using Google Earth as well as examining the physical and human geographical features in a range of countries. A key theme throughout the topic is diversity and acceptance of difference, which we will look at in more detail in PSHE.

We will be exploring the early stages of programming using Scratch and designing an infographic to promote acceptance, tolerance and celebrate difference.



Year 5's will have a Chemistry focus as they will be looking at properties and changes in materials, including reversible and irreversible changes in matter. Year 6 will have a biological focus on Charles Darwin, Evolution and Inheritance, looking at how the diversity in our planet inspired his theory as well as recognising inherited traits and characteristics in people and animals. We will be using a beautiful picture book called Moth, to help understand natural selection



In RE, we will be looking at the whether science and Christianity are in conflict and whether there is any way that the two beliefs can be held together. Do we have to sacrifice scientific belief to hold a Christian view? What are the views about how the world came into being and are they in conflict? We will also explore the school value of Love and what that means in our everyday lives and in the wider world.


Books and nurturing a love of reading are my passions!


This year I have created a Class Novel board, which the children will add to as we read through the book, exploring characters, themes and plots. having two sessions a week called Stamping my Passport. In our room is the book trolley which has the phrase, 'Reading is a Passport to Countless adventures' so these sessions will be for the children to discover and read books for pleasure, rather than books they have to read to me or have work set on. I would like to inspire and encourage a genuine love of reading and exploring different personal choices is crucial to discovering what they enjoy.


In class we will be creating book  reviews in a scrapbook that the children will add to in a creative style to provide a resource for each other and any future children who come into class three.


We will also be setting homework on a programme called Read Theory to help the children develop their reading scope and comprehension skills.The children will be encouraged to complete this at home but there will be an option to complete at school if access to the computer is difficult at home.


Our Class Novel board

The Celtic Cross