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Blood, Chills and Thrills



We will focusing largely on measurement including volume, area and perimeter. We will explore geometry, looking at angles, translation and reflection as well as 3D shapes and nets. In addition we will investigate ratio and consolidate arithmetic skills. We will be using resources from Power Maths and White Rose Maths to support the children with developing their reasoning and problem solving skills. Weekly arithmetic and or reasoning tests will help develop the children's fluency and embed their confidence suing a range of different mathematical methods.



In Literacy we will begin by examining a short film called The Maker in Let's Think in English. We will then continue with visual literacy, exploring the music video for Titanium. After this, we will then go on to use a short film called Alma to write a newspaper report and finally use Room 13 to inspire an atmospheric, spooky narrative story. We will explore spooky images and songs in guided reading. In addition we will create an extended piece of writing in Science about the heart and the circulatory system (year 6) and comparing gestation and life cycles of animals and humans (year 5).


We aim to read two novels in class this term, Room 13 by Robert Swindells and Crater Lake by Jennifer Killick. Both books are set on school residential trips that take a spooky and sinister turn for the children on the trip.

We will continue to use our reading board to discuss and explore the books and investigate some of the topics that arise in the stories as they progress. We have had success contacting our class novel authors through Twitter and received answers to the many questions the children have wanted to ask.



Our topic is Blood, Chills and Thrills and we will be exploring spooky and scary stories and why they are such a popular part of our culture, appearing in music videos, books, plays and art. We will explore what makes an effective spooky story and how to create atmosphere and suspense. We will be examining how to use the points of compass to explore different parts of the UK, using OS maps and grid references in geography and outdoor learning.


We will create atmospheric spooky pictures using pastels and paint in art and create silhouette art of Whitby Abbey linked to Room 13. We will be using our Music curriculum guide, Charanga to support musical development. We will also begin to develop programming skills using Purple Mash, including debugging and improving a programme.



Year 5 will be exploring the gestation and life cycle of humans and comparing them to the gestations and the life cycles of other animals, from the same and different animal groups.

Year 6 will be exploring the heart and circulatory system, including the composition and role of the blood. They will also explore the importance of healthy lifestyles, discussing the impact of drugs and smoking and diet choices.



In RE, we will be exploring why some people believe in God and others do not, examining the beliefs of humanists, agnostics and atheists and comparing this to theists.


Books and nurturing a love of reading are my passions!


This year I have created a Class Novel board, which the children will add to as we read through the book, exploring characters, themes and plots. having two sessions a week called Stamping my Passport. In our room is the book trolley which has the phrase, 'Reading is a Passport to Countless adventures' so these sessions will be for the children to discover and read books for pleasure, rather than books they have to read to me or have work set on. I would like to inspire and encourage a genuine love of reading and exploring different personal choices is crucial to discovering what they enjoy.


In class we will be creating book  reviews in a scrapbook that the children will add to in a creative style to provide a resource for each other and any future children who come into class three.


We will also be setting up Accelerated Reader to support the progression and development of the children's reading in school.


Our Class Novel board

The Celtic Cross