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Terrific Tudors and Stupendous Shakespeare



We will focusing largely on decimals and percentages as well as exploring the relationship between fractions, decimals and percentages. We will move on to measurements and units of measure towards the end of this half term. We will be using resources from Power Maths and White rose Maths to support the children with developing their reasoning and problem solving skills. Weekly arithmetic tests will help develop the children's fluency and embed their confidence suing a range of different mathematical methods.


In Literacy we will be using Hamlet by William Shakespeare to support our guided reading and writing. We will be writing a profile of one of Henry VIII's wives, a persuasive short speech which the children will deliver based on Hamlet and a newspaper article based on the key events in Hamlet. We will explore the original language as well as ensuring the children have a clear understanding of the story and main themes of the play.


Our Class novel this term is Treason by Berlie Doherty, an exciting adventure which follows the fortunes of a young boy called William who is a page to Edward, the young son of King Henry VIII. It explores the turbulent and dangerous times following the King's break with Rome to marry Anne Boleyn, the division between Catholics and the new Protestant regime, which led to the dissolution of the monasteries.  Other books to recommend with a Tudor theme are: The Executioner's daughter, My Friend Walter, Horrible Histories - Terrible Tudors and Spymaster.


We will continue to use our reading board to discuss and explore the book and investigate some of the topics that arise in the story as it progresses. We have had success contacting our class novel authors through Twitter and received answers to the many questions the children have wanted to ask.



Our topic is Terrific Tudors and we will be exploring who the Tudors were and what their impact on British and European  society has been. We will look at social aspects such as art, clothing, buildings and food as well as political changes including the break with the Catholic church and the establishment of the Church of England as well as the battle with Spain and establishing of the Elizabethan 'Golden Age' including the emergence of artists such as William Shakespeare.


We will explore Tudor portraits in art and create a scene from Hamlet by making a shadow puppet theatre in DT. We will be using our Music curriculum guide, Charanga to support musical development and creating an infographic on one of the Tudor monarchs in ICT.



Year 5 will be developing and extending their knowledge of Earth and Space, exploring the relationship between the planets and their understanding of how day and night and the seasons/years/months occur as part of this.

Year 6 will be extending their understanding of light, how it moves, how it can be used, how silhouettes are formed and what it is made up of.



In RE, we will be exploring how Christians choose to live and why they choose to live this way as well as exploring the School value of fellowship.


Books and nurturing a love of reading are my passions!


This year I have created a Class Novel board, which the children will add to as we read through the book, exploring characters, themes and plots. having two sessions a week called Stamping my Passport. In our room is the book trolley which has the phrase, 'Reading is a Passport to Countless adventures' so these sessions will be for the children to discover and read books for pleasure, rather than books they have to read to me or have work set on. I would like to inspire and encourage a genuine love of reading and exploring different personal choices is crucial to discovering what they enjoy.


In class we will be creating book  reviews in a scrapbook that the children will add to in a creative style to provide a resource for each other and any future children who come into class three.


We will also be setting homework on a programme called Read Theory to help the children develop their reading scope and comprehension skills.The children will be encouraged to complete this at home but there will be an option to complete at school if access to the computer is difficult at home.


Our Class Novel board

The Celtic Cross