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Awesome Egyptians

Autumn 2 Awesome Egyptians



We will be continuing with the new Power Maths scheme, looking at all four operations, including fractions, decimals and percentages as well as BIDMAS and statistics.  As  part of the maths curriculum, we will be focusing on applying understanding of mathematical concepts in reasoning and problem solving questions, as well as understanding how to use mathematical vocabulary.  We will be continuing to have the times table challenge league throughout the year.


In Literacy we will be using non-fiction extracts and our class novel Secrets of a Sun King by Emma Carroll, to write a range of different types of text including instructions for mummification, an explanation of the role of the River Nile in Ancient Egyptian culture and a description of an Ancient Egyptian god/goddess. In addition we will be using the new Let's Think in English scheme to help develop speaking and listening skills alongside written pieces.

We will be using guided reading sessions to explore comprehension of different types of text as well as focusing on handwriting, spelling and grammar throughout the term.



We will be exploring the impact of the accomplishments of Ancient Egyptian culture, including exploring their lifestyles, trading, religious beliefs, art and engineering. We will also use our geography lessons to discover the significance of the Nile and its environment to the Ancient Egyptian people. Art will be designing and building canopic jars based on Ancient Egyptian beliefs and later in the term, we will stitching Christmas cards.



Our science focus this half term is the properties of materials. We will explore the difference between dissolving and mixing substances; discover how some changes can be reversed and other cannot and why. We will be mummifying tomatoes to explore the changes of materials that are irreversible and link this to our history topic.


In RE, we will be using the Understanding Christianity syllabus to explore the question 'Was Jesus the Messiah?' This will look at the Incarnation of Jesus at Christmas and what Christians believe was his mission.

In addition we shall explore our spirituality in PSHE lessons, asking the questions about our rights and responsibilities as citizens of a wider world and within a school community.


Books and nurturing a love of reading are my passions!


This year I have created a BookFlix screen for the children to browse different age related books to develop a love of reading. The BookFlix screen can be accessed by clicking on the link and opening the slideshow in the Power Point document.


If they see a book that interests them, the blurbs for the books will be available in class, but I would also encourage them to research the book on Amazon to see if it might interest them.


In class we have a BookFlix display that showcases what we are reading as a class; what books the children would recommend to their classmates and what books the children are currently reading in that term.


The Celtic Cross