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Class 1

Coastal Adventures

Welcome back to the Summer Term 1, we hope you all had a lovely Easter break! Our topic this half term is Coastal Adventures.

This topic will allow children to discover what a coastline is and where to find them in the UK. They will learn to describe habitats for animals that live on and around the coast as well as the sea. Children will look closely at animal habitats and their food and will learn about the food chain and food sources. They will learn to describe animals, group animals, and will be able to describe their habitats. This will lead nicely into RE where the children will learn about how religious and non-religious people care about themselves and the world. In Geography the children will learn about the coastline and how human activities impact them and how to minimise pollution. In Art, the children will learn what collage is and will create their own seaside collage. During music, we will continue to practise our musical skills and how to improvise and perform. In computing, the children will learn how to code a computing program.

If you have any questions then please come and see us.