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Class 3

Welcome to Class 3

Crime and Punishment - How has crime and the punishments for it changed throughout history?
Summer 1: How have crimes and punishments changed throughout history?
We will be continuing with embedding number strategies but will be moving on to shape, measure and angles this term. In addition Year 6 will be finalising their content for SATS and continuing to develop their investigation and reasoning skills in Maths. We will continue to use a range of resources to build fluency in arithmetic and develop reasoning and problem solving skills.

In Literacy we will be reading Holes by Louis Sachar as our class novel. We will be using the the famous narrative poem, The Highwayman by Edward Noyes. We will be investigating and discussing whether the highwayman is ultimately a villain or a hero and performing the poem in groups. In addition, we will be building confidence with grammar terms and spelling rules.

We will continue to use our reading board to discuss and explore the books and investigate some of the topics that arise in the stories as they progress. 

I will continue to encourage the children to read and record it in their yellow reading records, however in addition we will be trialling Reading journals at school where the children have the opportunity to log the plot, characters, settings and any vocabulary or phrases they find interesting in a creative way to engage more deeply with the books they are reading both at home and at school.
We will also be using a range of resource to help develop the children's comprehension skills.
Children are encouraged to complete AR Quizzes as they complete a book and we are working towards class word millionaires.

Our enquiry question for the term is Crime and Punishment - how has it changed throughout history and do we view it the same way? We will explore key changes in what was considered a crime, punishments of different periods, including twenty first century crime and punishment, as well as case studies of famous criminals. We will also examine a local crime, the murder of Charlotte Dymond as well as the punishment that was given as well as discussing whether justice was served

We will use the inspiration of the work of a range of collage and mixed media artists to create a range of lizard based art, linking to the class novel. We will be examining terms, the range of materials that can be used and developing backgrounds to suit their designs, including creating mood boards.
We will using ICT to develop our blogging skills and using Canva to create infographics relating to science and history.

We will be using a Charanga unit to support playing of musical instruments and interpretation of the styles and mood of the pieces.

We will be looking at the unit on the heat, circulatory system, blood and transportation systems in the body. In addition, we will be exploring what makes us healthy and how to care for ourselves in terms of personal care, diet and the impact of drugs and alcohol.

In RE, we will be discovering about the Hindu faith. We will explore what Hindus believe, how this impacts on their lives, their culture and their social and family lives.

Books and nurturing a love of reading are my passions!

This year I have created a Class Novel board, which the children will add to as we read through the book, exploring characters, themes and plots. In our room is the book trolley which has the phrase, 'Reading is a Passport to Countless adventures' so I have sessions for the children to discover and read books for pleasure, rather than books they have to read to me or have work set on. I would like to inspire and encourage a genuine love of reading and exploring different personal choices is crucial to discovering what they enjoy.

We will be building a class scrapbook that the children can use to inform their book choices. The children will build their own reading journals based on the books they read, adding to them in a creative style to provide a resource for each other and any future children who come into class three.

We will also be using Accelerated Reader to support the progression and development of the children's reading in school.

Our Class Novel board
Our Planetary 'Out of this world' artwork