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Love of Reading

We love reading because...

1. Reading dares you to grow.
2. Reading allows you to experience multiple realities.
3. Reading challenges your perspective.
4. Reading helps you remember...
5. Reading helps you forget.
6. Reading means you don’t have to be alone.
7. Reading brings life.

The Executive Head of School regularly checks that all teachers are sharing a story daily, also, if there is time, she likes to sit and listen to our lovely stories. SMC members have visited during family reading sessions to read with our children. Monitoring visits are also undertaken for reading and shared with all staff.

Each class has their own reading spine that has been developed by Pie Corbett and the Five Plagues of the Developing Reader by Doug Lemov, these are shared with classes to give the children access to high quality text and a wide range of vocabulary.

Children in our school love to talk about their favourite books and authors, this is shared with the whole class and they sometimes bring their books in to read. In school, all adults have their books on display for children to read, they share books with them daily and talk about favourite books with children and why.

Reading is celebrated with Reading Karate and, higher up the school, Reading Bingo. We have celebrated with 'Reading in Ridiculous Places', please see some pictures of our strange places below: