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Our Vision and Values

Our Schools Vision:
At St Tudy School, with God's love, we learn, grow and flourish together. 
Children, staff and parents have chosen the Six Christian Values they feel are important in our school. They are:

The value of Love underpins our chosen values
Each value has a chosen Bible story to help show the meaning of the value.
The staff and children have chosen:

Peace - The Christmas Story
Justice - Jonah and the Whale
Trust - Noah's Ark
Friendship - The story of the Paralysed Man
Fellowship - The last Supper
Love - Creation
  • To promote Christian values within the school, a sympathetic understanding of the Christian faith and respect for other faiths.
  • To encourage a mutual respect and responsibility for others and the environment.
  • To provide a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum within a vibrant, energetic and welcoming environment.
  • To recognise the individuality of each child in order to develop their full potential.
  • To maintain strong links between home, school, church, parish and diocese.
  • To give high priority to developing and maintaining strong links between school home, church, parish and diocese
  • To promote spirituality across the school. We define spirituality as reflecting and connecting with ourselves, others, the world, and beyond.
We believe that at St Tudy CE Primary School we provide a personal, caring, family atmosphere that supports and nurtures its pupils on their individual learning journeys.

We give children the support to enable them to work with enthusiasm, question and consider their learning while respecting the ideas, opinions and contributions of others.

We encourage open relations, unity and generosity of spirit in order that each member of our school feels valued and has a sense of pride in their achievements.