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Phonics from the Start

At St Tudy School children start to learn phonics from the first day they are with us.

There are 44 phonemes altogether:
At our school we expect that a child in reception should recognise and read all of their set 1 sounds, read some CVC words and to hear the blends of set 1 sounds by their first term in reception.

Each term we expect children to learn and recognise a section of new sounds to continue to blend sounds together to read a selection of unfamiliar words. Children are also expected to recall sight vocabulary.

The class teacher works with the children who have not mastered their phonics understanding through small group interventions and sometimes 1:1 interventions.

Children tend to catch up quickly with small group interventions, we feel this is due to our small cohort sizes and individualised programmes.

Daily phonics interventions happen to close the gaps for those children who find phonics a little more tricky to learn.