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Programmes and Progress

At our School reading is assessed on the first day of being at our school and this is checked alongside the baseline information that is sent from their previous setting.

At our school we expect that a child in reception should recognise and read all of their set 1 sounds, read some CVC words and to hear the blends of set 1 sounds by their first term in reception.

Each term we expect children to learn and recognise a section of new sounds to continue to blend sounds together to read a selection of unfamiliar words. Children are also expected to recall sight vocabulary.

All children are listened to daily using story books and games, some children have extra support from adults in class to close the gap and work in smaller groups

Small support groups are given to our SEND groups of children to help them to close the gap and succeed in reading, the curriculum is broken into smaller chunks which are easier for them to access. Game based activities are given to gain enjoyment, confidence and engagement in an area that they may find tricky.