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Who's Who

Meet the staff at St Tudy School:

Our Head of School is Miss Jennie Franklin.

Karen Holmes - Karen is our School Improvement Lead.

Mrs Daniela Cheetham teaches Class 1 (Reception and Year 1).

Mrs Cheetham is curriculum lead for EYFS, phonics, MFL, RE and PHSE

Mr Michael Collinson teaches Class 2 (Year 2,3 & 4).
Mr Collinson is curriculum lead for Maths,Geography and History
Mrs Michelle Minniss teaches Class 3 (Year 5 and 6).
Mrs Minniss is curriculum lead for Literacy, History, Geography and Music 


Other curriculum areas are led by teachers at St Winnow Primary School

 Miss Parkes is our PE Lead.

Miss Parkes comes in to school one afternoon a week to work with class teachers in supporting the delivery of PE.


Mrs Jemma Sheilds is the SENCO
Miss Felicity Henchley is the RE/CW lead for our academy. She visits the school to look at Collective Worship and to lead training for staff and SMC.

We have lots of other adults who work in the school:
Our secretary is Mrs Toni Kinnaird.
Teaching Assistants include - Mrs Sue Chalmers (SEN TA), Miss Penny Luck (EYFS) and Mrs Julie Marsh (TIS Practitioner).
 Our teaching assistants also look after the children during the lunch hour and take after school clubs.

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